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2022 Your account has been infected! from your own email?

Viking Web Productions

Your account has been infected!

So I have gotten two phone calls this week about the same issue. Thank god people are listing to me about don’t react just get help.

So you got an email from your own account saying you have been hacked. And you have 48 yours to pay 1000 dollars via a bitcoin account.

Your account has been infected!

Do you notice anything? Besides the English is just top notch. Looks like you need to stop going to those sites!

Table of Contents

What Happened

Well, you clicked on something that triggered a piece of malware to be inserted in whatever browser you were on. Or you clicked on an unsolicited email that inserted something in the browser.

You may have seen a popup or not. Or there was a website that had the malware linked on it somehow and visited it. I know it was not an adult site. Butterball had an infection a couple of years ago that was some fun to clean.

How to fix it

Well if it’s a laptop you can bring it in and in about an hour you will be all set to go.

If it’s a desktop, either you can pack it up and bring it in and the same thing goes, or I can come to you and get it all fixed up.

Also, we are going to make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and working correctly.

Now just because I have seen this on Mac’s only so far does not mean you can’t get viruses on them. And yes Virginia you do need anti-virus software on your mac.

So there are 3 ways to contact me to set up an appointment. First you can use my contact form here, you can purchase the time here, or you can call or text me here (360) 602-1719 and leave a message with your phone number.