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What To Do If Your Computer Wont Turn on.

Well, son of a ……. Nothing strikes fear into peoples sole like a computer that won’t turn on. Be it your desktop or laptop, the first thing everyone does is panic. WHAT ABOUT MY DOCUMENTS! WHAT ABOUT MY KIDS PHOTOS? MY FACEBOOK!!

First, relax it’s going to be ok. Unless you see smoke or computer is on fire more than likely your going to be ok. Normally when your computer won’t turn on its either a stupid fix or simple fix. And if your panicking about not being able to go to Facebook, sigh, use your phone or rejoice as I would.

So now what? Well, if the power didn’t go out let’s run down what could cause the obvious.

Step 1. Is your computer turned on? Well duh, of course, it is. Desktops also have a switch on the back of the tower. You may need to check that. How about the surge protector? Is the light on? Try plugging it into the wall directly. If that works you found your problem.

Step 2. Check that power plug. If you have kids or animals they like going behind things. Or the all too famous line “I didn’t touch it” or “I don’t know” lines to make you pull your hair out.

Step 4. For PC laptops take the battery out and try just using the cord. Sometimes your battery will go bad and cause some laptops to not turn on.

Step 5. For Mac laptops is the light on the charger and power button. If the charger does not have the light on, bingo found your problem. If the light is on making sure that the connector is clean. If you have an extra charger laying around try that as well, I know those are cheap and you have a box full that will fit your computer.

Step 6. For desktops if you have an extra power cord try that. Cords do go bad.

Step 7. For desktops as well, is your power button working? Does it feel different? Or was there a popping sound when you turned your computer off or tried turning it on? Your power button can fail or if you are a masher your button can be dislodged from its perch. Now if you heard a pop or smell a burning electrical smell well your power supply may be the cause.

If none of these steps are working it’s time to bite the bullet and bring it in. You can reach me here to schedule a time.