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Down to The Basics - What Is A Blog Post?

This blog post is not to make people feel stupid or to belittle people. But I have been getting a lot of blank faces as of late over some web terms. Now some might think this was a waste of time to write and try the Facebook tactic of making people feel stupid about their knowledge of “simple terms”, this post is not for you and you can go ahead and leave and thank you for not coming back. For the rest of you let’s get ready to learn. Today we will go over some basic terms that you will need to learn about to make your web presence a little less rocky. Like What is a blog post, what is a heading tag, what is a keyword, What is my Footer. And few more sprinkled in there.

What is a Blog Post?

A blog post is an article you write on your web site that can have images, text, infographics, and video. A blog post is always an informational article to help answer your customer’s questions. A blog post is also content that you can use to promote your web site on social networks and your Google my business. Now we will go over how to create the perfect blog post, but the quick and dirty is a blog post is text between 300 to 2500 words with a couple of images that match the content. If you are putting a video in instead of text, first put it on YouTube, and the best videos are between 90 seconds and 5 min. But for social networks, you want to have a 90 sec cut to share there. Depending on how often you blog Google will start ranking your site faster and if you are getting people to come over from social networks it will also boost your click-through rate. Which is what you are trying to get better. A Google My Business Post is not the same as a blog post. For a Google My Business Post, it only allows 1500 characters per post, but you can add a Learn More button to link back to your web site. Which is the correct way to get people to your site. Did I clear that up? Need more help on this contact me here.

What is a Heading Tag?

Google loves heading tags. LOVES THEM!! And you need to use them be it in a post or on any page on your site. A heading tag is a title or subheading in a post or on a page. There are a couple of different ones you want to really focus on. H1 tags are for your page titles. H2 tags are for your subheadings. H2 tags are used to break up your posts into sections. Like in this post H2 tags are the questions in this post like this section “What is a Heading Tag?”. Use them but don’t go overboard.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is the topic of your post or page. As this post is “what is a blog post”. A keyword can be a single word like “post” or what is called a long-tail keyword use in this post. A keyword helps tell Google what your post or page is about. Google, in turn, will rank your post or page according to the ranking factors based off of that keyword. So you need to make every page relevant to that keyword. So now you are asking how the hell do I do that? Simple. Google that phrase, one the number one page, NOT THE AD, look how that page or post is done. See how the content is laid out. Now write your post or page better. Go into more detail, answer the question better. Did I clear that up? Need more help on this contact me here.

What is my Footer?

This one I get a lot. Normally it’s me answering me a question about the “bottom of my site” and I say do you mean your footer? So let’s settle this one, the footer is the bottom of your web site. Depending on your theme or site it will be a colored background and holds the copyright information of your site. Sometimes it will have contact info and other site information in there. The footer is typically shared throughout your site. Did I clear that up? Need more help on this contact me here.