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Want To See What Your Competitors are Doing?

How about finding out your Competitors Traffic based on their keywords? There are many tools out there that claim to give your Competitors Traffic but you need a masters degree in calculus and every foreign language on the planet to figure out what it’s saying. But I have found the best free tool to find out your Competitors Traffic and what your Competitors most trafficked keywords. This tool is pretty slick and shares a lot about your Competitors Traffic and Competitors Keywords.

Competitors Traffic Tool

You can find the tool here on Neil Patel web site.

How to use this Traffic Tool

First, it’s always a good way to see how your site ranks and what shows up for it. So first copy your or type in your web address (URL) into the search bar on the site like below. competitor traffic search bar And hit enter and wait for the report to pop up.

How to read the report

first part of report So the first part of the report is going to show the breakdown of the URL that you put in. It’s going to tell you how many keywords it found on the site. It will tell you the estimated traffic based on the keywords it found. If you or your Competitors have a Google Ads account then it will show the breakdown of those ads for the website. The Graph will show the past 9 months of the estimated traffic for those keywords.

The Domain Breakdown

Next area is going to show the breakdown for the domain which we will go over Domain Score, Backlinks and referring domains in separate blog posts. Since these are very important and need to be focused separately because you can break things quickly with these. It shows the URL domain score which you need to pay attention to for yours and your competitors. It tells you how many backlinks the site has. And finally how many URL’s are sending traffic to that site.

Now The Holy Grail of This Tool

Top SEO Pages

This will give you the top pages of the site you entered in. This will tell you which pages on your Competitors site gets the most traffic. It tells you estimated monthly clicks, which organically not paid search. Where it ranks on Google. So if you have the same type of page and it shows 1 for your Competitors Traffic and 10 or below for your traffic you need to fix that page. It will also show you traffic from Facebook and Pinterest. I didn’t make the tool don’t ask me about Pinterest. This is key to beating your competitors in ranking on Google. This tells you the content that is winning for them. If you have similar pages this tells you you need to fix your content. Video, images, text all of it needs fixing. And share the ever loving crap out of it on all of your social networks. If you ran your URL then you know what pages are doing good for you and it should tell you which ones need improvement.

SEO Keywords

This is going to tell you the top performing keywords on the site. It tells you the monthly volume each keyword gets. It tells you the position it shows up in a Google Search. Then it tells you the estimated visits that keyword gets in a month. Like above this will tell you where to focus your content to beat your Competitors traffic. Now, this does not mean copy their content. Make your own content for those keywords and make the content better. This is to gain more traffic not rip off someone. Because Google will find out and then your site will get beat down QUICK. As always if you have questions about this tool or how to better your traffic you can contact me here or leave a comment below.