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It's Called The Pornography Scam!

So you might remember I did a post about The Pornography Scam back in March. Where you get an email, usually from yourself, stating that your porn videos and passwords are going to be sent to your friends and family. You can reread it here to get caught up with the class. Now it’s back, and some yahoo in Oregon decided that his dear ol’ mema didn’t need to see what he or she has been doing with their spare time and paid the scammer with bitcoin.

Sigh, DONT DO THIS! Ever. Not only did this person cave but they also had their identity stolen and lost more than the 2k they where ransomed.

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The Pornography Scam!

Is now what the FBI is now calling this. Yes the FBI is now on the case. They want to hear from you if you have received this email. To report this email go to this site Internet Crime Complaint Center or you can call them.

This is what the email looks like

Your account has been infected! The Pornography Scam!

The one thing about this email is that its complete bullshit. Nothing happens in 48 hours and if you have any videos on your computer they are not going to send them to your grandmother or boss so don’t panic. If you need help with editing the videos well you can contact me here. Just saying.

So why you?

So besides you are a degenerate like the rest of the planet. Welcome back we have missed you. They got your email from somewhere, either from a site, you logged into that was hacked that you don’t find out about until the 5 o’clock news a year after it happens. Talking to you Yahoo users. Or you entered your email in a popup for that fancy new kale recipe. Could be anywhere. Happens to everyone all the time. Really no way to avoid it.

But the one thing you can avoid is paying these scumbags. If you stop paying them they will move on to something else. Like becoming an artist or a writer.

So you can tell Grandma that her favorite little angel does not need to see her priest after Sunday service to have a chat about the devil walking into your bedroom.