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Why is my site traffic going down? It's Your Content, DUH!

This is my top 2019 most asked question. Oh please, let’s be real I get that question all that time. So why do I get this all the time? Well my guess is I am not doing a good enough job telling people that you actually need to put content on your site on a constant basis. Maybe I am not telling people that marketing that content on the regular gets people to your site. Possibly it’s a Google Update penalty hammering your old content on your site because it’s 6 years old and I have not expressed hard enough that you need to update your site.

Even though I have said that on a bunch of occasions to many, many, MANY people. I still have failed. I have failed because you keep asking. So now comes the change. We are going to do this the simplest way possible. I am going to take the stupid right out of it for you.

You need content on your site like, yesterday.

You need to share that content on social sites and in emails.

You are not that busy. NO, YOU ARE NOT!!

If I am hurting your feelings, well sorry but it’s time for the tough love.

Is It Your Website Killing Your Site Traffic?

Site Traffic Going Down Link Building

First thing to check is it your website. When was the last time you updated the look? Has been longer than a year?

It’s been to long. You need to make your site easier to navigate. Update the content.

Each page needs at least 600 words. No, it needs 600 words or more. Seriously.

Are your images on your site able to go on a bus because of the size? Then your site is nowhere close to being mobile friendly and Google will not show you in search results.

In 2020 your site needs to be fast loading on Mobile and ready for voice search. If your site hasn’t been changed in look or content in a while then your site could be holding it back.

How Is Your Blog Doing?

How often are you blogging? Oh! You’re not. Well guess what, that is one of your problems. In fact, besides your site being out of date. That is your problem.

I could end this here. But I won’t, because you still wont blog. Jimmy across town that you want to beat is. He is killing it to.

So now what? Well now you need to start writing blog posts. WRITE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS! You and only YOU know more about your business than you. SOOOOOO if you are hiring a writer that is sitting in Europe while you are trying to get Ms. Butterworth up the road to pick your business. How is that European going to give that local flare that Ms. Butterworth wants in a local business?

THEY CAN’T!!!! You as the business owner knows that Ms. Butterworth face and name and you know how to please her. Tell that story. Tell Ms. Butterworth about your store as her grandson is helping her search on her new iPhone 11.

Great now you got her in, next customer up. Write about your products, services. What service did Jimmy fall down on that you picked up and saved? How did you help people in your store today?

You are not working for NASA and we are not trying to put people on the Mars here. WRITE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS.

Why Are You SO Mad About This?

Well it’s pretty simple. Content is the only way to get traffic to your site. You need to use content to market to new clients and keep old.

You need content for your newsletters that you use only to sell people something.

You need content on your social sites so you CAN LINK BACK TO YOUR SITE. Ok side note, this one is probably the one that drives me insane the most. When you put your blog post or what ever rant on your Facebook Page. PUT A LINK TO THAT POST TO YOUR WEBSITE. To the blog post would be best but the front page will work to. Just get them there.

You do not collect money on social media, you do not make money on social media, unless its YouTube but even then you need to get them to your site to make that sale. No links = No Money. Is that stupid simple enough for you?

Finally The End

Content is the only tool you can use on a regular basis to drive site traffic. If you get one piece that works ride that wave. Expand on it. That is what your clients want. It’s going to take a minute to find it but once you do you make money. So here is the stupid simple aspects of content to get the most site traffic.

Blog Post – 300 words (it can work) Takes a few min to type but 600 or more words is what is really needed.

Video Posts – 90 sec to 3 min. Facebook wants 3 min, Instagram wants 90 sec. These can also go on YouTube. Don’t worry about production, film it on your phone and share it. Once you are rocking on this. Then we can worry about production.

Podcast – 5min to 1hr your phone works for this to. Every cell phone has a voice memo function. Production is also not so important. Just get it done. I can tweak it if need be.

Questions you can email me here. Comment below tell me how much you hate me I don’t care just blog already.