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Right to Repair 2020 Independent Repair against Authorized Repair

As I have droned on about in a couple of podcasts, The Right to Repair in 2020 is going full steam. The right for you to be able to choose where your device is repaired should be in your hands. Since you bought the item you are needing fixed you should be able to get it fixed by someone that cares about your device.

Now not to say Authorized Repair is all bad. If there is a defect in your product and they have a recall you should be able to get that replaced. But what if there is no recall. What if it just stops working what do you do then? Well you take it to them, try to set up an appointment to get a tech to fix it but it’s not covered. Or my favorite, it’s a device is no longer being supported because it’s to old. But you bought it a year ago!!

That is where I and other independent repair shops come in. We will fix out of warranty items. In some cases we will be the only ones that will actually fix your items. Because what ever the issue is deemed user damage. So then you have to purchase a new item. And if your item stores some information say like a cell phone you lose it, if it is not backed up. So if your on a trip and there is no time to back up then that trip is gone.

Or is it.

Right To Repair 2020 for Authorized Repair

As states take on bills for right to repair the big companies are wasting no time or money to get in the fight. They are lobbing for authorized repair to be the only way. Because they have the training and certificates to back up the warranties. They will also toe the line with the will of the companies service requirements.

They are also talking about customer safety and privacy. Which we all should be worrying about for our own devices and repair jobs. Claiming that Authorized shops have the know how to make sure every repair is done in accordance to every safety concern that is in line with company protocols.

Some Authorized Repair shops have accsess to tools needed and software to complete the job. Also to parts to complete the job. But that price will be steep for your repair as well. And don’t forget about the cost of their certificates. But then comes the type of repair they are allowed to do.

Right to Repair 2020 for Independent Repair

Now we have had a few heavy hitters up to bat for us. Now since I can only talk about my line of repair. I have to appoligize to Bainbridge Island for nukeing the entire island doing battery replacments. Now I did spend the $45 on a piece of paper saying that Apple belives I can replace a battery with out doing that. But some lobbiest claim that if I am not in a factory under strict stataic free environment I will blow my shop up and the surrounding area. I have done computer repair for over 15 years and once have never compromised anyones safety with my repair. I also know for a fact you can do data recovery on iPhones and broken hard drives. I also know that doing a iPhone screen replacement should not cost half of the iPhone that you own. Now Right to Repair does not just go for iPhones and Computers. This will cover everything from blenders to Cars. We should all have the right to chose where your item is repaired. There is two bills you should be telling your State rep in Washington to Support and to tell everyone else you know to get them to pass these.

Here are the Right to Repair 2020 bills for Washington State.

State House Bill HB1342

State Senate Bill SB5799

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