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Want To Be #1 in Google?

If there was one thing that matters the most to Google, it’s your content’s relevance to the reader. If you want to be #1 in Google you need this.

And today we will go over how to get that done.  Now don’t get that confused with you follow these steps and Bam your #1. This takes time. You need to do the work. You need to make content. That said content needs to be relevant to your reader and client. 

Content is not just blogging. Putting pictures and updates on Facebook, Google My Business, Pintrest, Instagram, Twitter and Podcasts. That is all content. 

None of these are time consuming. You just want to do it kick ass in your business. 

So what are you going to do? Then read on my friend and lets kick some ass. 

The best way to show your relevance to your readers and Google. Is to write for your readers, clients and potential clients. Since you talk to your clients everyday this should be easy to do.

No matter what type of content you are putting out you need to show your relevance to your readers and search engines. If you listen to your clients you can see what they are looking for while searching your site or visiting your shop. Then you use that type of language in your content to show your clients you are listening.

No matter what you should be talking to clients, talk to them in their language, show them that you actually care about their needs.

Talk about their problem

So everyones clients have a problem they need you to solve. And they chose you to solve that problem. Talk about the most common problems that you have come to you. Talk about how you can make their problems go away with your services.

This is the one thing I press the most to my clients that struggle with what to write about. You solve problems talk about that, that is the most common thing that comes through your door. But I just sell stuff to people. Um yeah, they need something for their house, their kids bday party, Aunts BBQ what ever it is. That is a problem. Your service will fix that problem.

Relevance The #1 Ranking Factor to show up Anywhere

Dont use the Jargon

I am so guilty of this one. I use the big words and watch people drool on themselves as they try to piece what I just said together. I cant help it sometimes my brain goes fast and my mouth can’t translate that fast.

But if you do it constantly your client will get bored or confused and well that is just more questions and time wasted. We all know how clients love their time being wasted.

Keep your content stupid simple. No I did not call clients stupid. What I did say was keep things quick to grasp and understand. Hence if they get fast answers that work then they keep coming back.

Dont over think this

Since none of us work for NASA and we are not putting anything on Mars in our daily business keeping things simple is the way to go.

Your clients or potential clients want things simple. They want to read an answer that is simple to read. If you don’t provide it for them well someone else is and they will go there.

So if you do these steps for ANY of your content that you put out. Then your site, page or account page will grow fast. But remember if you are not putting out your relevant content on a constant basis then it wont matter what you do. Your site will not grow.

Now get busy and get that content out there. It is more important than ever for a small business to be found on the web and the only way to do that is to be relevant to your clients. 

As always if you have questions feel free to contact me here