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Lets See If You Own Your Website!

So someone built your website. Good welcome to the internet. But do you own your website? Just cause you paid for it doesn’t mean you own it. Today we are going to find out if you actually own your website. Truely own it. Just because you paid for it and gave whoever permission to make it live does not mean you own it. This will cover WordPress websites only, the other companies like Wix Weebly and Squarespace are coming in another article. Since these companies are just another type of money hole.

So Do You Own Your Website?

So you gave a company your content for your site. Gave them all the pictures you wanted on your website. Finally, you gave the ok to put your website live. But you feel lost and the company isn’t much help. So you come to see me. Then I find that you don’t have the right access to do anything. You cant do SEO, can’t add plugins, can’t even submit your website to Google because there are no sitemaps. Then I get to find out who created your website and find out you are not the owner of your site. You are now a website renter. That is never a fun conversation to have.

How To Tell

Non admin side panel in wordpress So this is a WordPress side panel from a site that I was going to help with some SEO and get a Google Tracking Code on.
True admin side panel in wordpress This is a WordPress side panel from every site I create for anyone. This is a true admin side panel.
Notice anything different? Everyperson that is in WordPress should have the second side panel. There are so many functions that you need to work with to make your site grow and for SEO purposes that you need to have accsess to on a daily basis. The only reason you want to restrict someone on your site is if you make a user account for a writer or someone doing blogging for you. Companies that restrict you in the creation of your website are not working in your best interest. If you are limited like this you can try to get true admin access but more than likely they will not give it to you. If that is the case then your only option is to come to see me or you can contact me here.