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iPhone Repair Bainbridge Island - Viking Web Productions

Viking Web Productions

iPhone Repair Bainbridge Island


If you do not want to leave or can not leave your house and you need your iPhone or Computer fixed we have a Mail-In. Just click the button below to start. 

iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone Motherboard Repair

Viking Web Productions Motherboard repairs are offered on a “no fix, no fee” basis. If we cannot fix it, there is no charge.

iPhone Water Damage Repair

Viking Web Productions does do iPhone Water Damage repair. These repairs start with a cleaning before any diagnosis can begin. 

After that the charge would be any normal price for what ever aials your phone. 


iPhone Data Recovery

Viking Web Porductions Data Recovery is No Data, No Fee service. If we can’t get get the data there is no charge. Average turn around time for Standard is 1-3 Business Days.

iPhone Charging Port Repair

Viking Web Productions does iPhone Repair on Bainbridge Island.

Be it from a shattered screen to your phone wont turn on after you took it swimming. We will get to the bottom of the issue and try our best to save your phone.

Viking Web Productions is your on stop iPhone Repair on Bainbridge Island for iPhones that just seem to have more issues than you can handle. Be it from not turning on, not backing up, to your child tried to play basketball with it. We fix it all. We will fix that phone and help you get your life back on track. No matter how old your iPhone is we will repair any iPhone.

Right to Repair 2020

Screen Replacement

Cracked or shattered screen? Quick Screen replacement on Bainbridge Island. If you need a new screen for your iPhone fixed we are your one stop for your iPhone Repair on Bainbirdge Island.

iphone repair battery replacement bainbridge island

Battery Replacement

Nothing is more irritating than your battery losing power when you need it most. Have an iPhone that you swear was charged and your stuck on the side of the road and your at 2%? We can replace that battery so that doesn’t happen again.

Apple Certified iPhone Repair Independent Technician

Viking Web Productions is now an Apple Certified Independent Technician. What does that mean for iPhone Repair?

Not much, besides we actullay fix your iPhone. Old, new, Apple Care or no Apple Care. Does not matter. We fix it.

Here is a breakdown between the two. 

Apple Authorized

Independent Repair

What it comes down to is that Apple Authorized Repair will ship your Apple Device to Apple and depending on the repair either you get a new device for a lower cost or they just delete your device and send it back. And no this is not same day service. It will take a week or so. What would you rather have? 


Get your Smartphone repaired quickly with same-day service on Bainbridge Island.

Viking Web Productions can repair your broken Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & Note Series, or other mobile smartphone with most cases same day service and usually within an hour. If your smartphone screen is cracked, in need of a new LCD, has a weak battery, or needs other services, we offer quick, professional service with a warranty!


If you are in need of a cracked smartphone screen repair and you want the highest quality new replacement parts for your device, Viking Web Productions is the right choice for you. Get your mobile device performing like the day you bought it with our repair and restoration services.

All repairs are done with the highest quality new replacement parts. Each replacement touchscreen is tested before installation. iPlayPower can save you money and get your device looking and working like new again.

Cracked or Shattered Screen Replacement
Battery Replacement
Charging Port Cleaning or Replacement
Home Button Replacement
Volume / Power Button Repair
Front or Back Camera Replacement
Earspeaker / Speakerphone / Microphone Repair
Headphone Jack Replacement

Viking Web Productions is a no judgement repair facility. No matter how old your device or how it happened we will get you back up and running. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask.