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iPhone 6S Plus Screen Repair

So this poor little iPhone had a rough day. It started off like any other day. Woke up checked the emails, made some Facebook posts, liked a few. Checked the weather and went in to the coat pockect to make a journy to the store.

So that’s where the story goes wrong. Was in the store and all was good checked some deals add some to cart to get a better price. Checkout was ok no issues. 

Then we go outside, back into the pocket of the coat, watched the groceries go into the car. Put the cart in stall, I could see the outside world, which was not good. Got back to the car and she started to take her coat off, I knew I wasn’t going to make it, time slowed down, my code started flashing through my memeory. 

The coat went flying one way I went another. All I could think of was why no case. Then BAM. Hit the parking lot and all I felt was pain and couldn’t see, barly could touch me. What to do? 

Called The Viking

Thankfully, I was there when she was talking to a friend who praised him about her screen repair and she remembered about that. No ferry trip for me. Thank god, I hurt to bad for that. She called her friend, that hurt alot, got the Vikings number and called him. HE FIXED ME IN 30MIN. I feel so much better. 

Bainbridge Island iPhone Repair

So that is the story of my first repair video. Sorry no commentary but there where other people talking and well lets just say not kid friendly. But it’s in 4k what more do you want. 

It was a hurry up set up as well. I will work on the video setup and get better I promise. I will be putting out more here soon, for computer repair and iPhone. I wont forget all of the WordPress help either that takes a bit. 

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