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Improve Your Content TODAY!

Today we will go over some stupid simple ways to improve your content. These tips will help boost your blog posts to new levels and give you ideas on how to simplify either your blog posting or give you a new avenue to gain more viewers. Now, it does not happen overnight and you will have to put a little effort into this but it is very doable. As always either leave a comment down below or contact me here for help, remember there are no stupid questions.


Mix up your content streams and message

So you should have a website that your blogging on. You could use that as a news outlet.

Social networks could be your Q&A section.

Your YouTube channel could combine it all and be the catch-all.

You have three avenues of media streams at your fingertips. Find which message will work for that stream and implement which message works for either of those streams.

Find your content insperation

Someone out there is doing the same thing you are. It’s the whole not reinventing the wheel aspect of life. Work smarter not harder. You have your own content present it like them and do it better.

Follow them, read them, watch them, then do your content better than they are.

DO NOT COPY THEM. DO yours better.

Have some damn fun

Goes without saying. Making something fun will make you want to do that thing more.

If you have a worker to do a Q&A video with make, laugh, enjoy the process.

If you are writing, find a topic that you enjoy that works with your job.

This does not need to hurt. It will pay off quicker I promise. No not 100% cause nothing is 100%, well except death and taxes. And popcorn. Cause it’s yummy.

Yes, I am 42 and still, use the word yummy. Don’t judge me.

Your customers insight are key

Your clients and/or customers are key to all of your blogging needs.

Because without them what do you have?

Don’t use names, even if you have permission saves headaches. Tell their story and how you helped them or fixed something.


Video is growing rapidly. I can not stress this enough you’re going to have to get into it. Hell, I am working on videos now, for fun and for this so get ready for that.

Don’t like the idea of a video or think it’s too expensive. Please, you don’t need a studio to do it, just turn your smartphone video recorder on and talk into for 30 seconds. Longer works too.

Think you look old on it or need help spicing it up, well contact me here and I can help with that as well. Check out this video Shelley By The Sea and I took all the wrinkels away, recolored her hair and according to Shelley “I make her look 10 years younger in every video.”

I know shameless plug.

Reuse your best content

Why reinvent the wheel every time you put out new content? If you find some content that works USE IT!

If it’s a blog post, turn it into a video and post it on YouTube or your social networks.

If it is the topic, find new ways to blog, video or picture it and keep going with it.

There is nothing wrong with continuing a topic for weeks or months. Any way to keep the viewers watching or reading is the right way.

Finding ways to breath new life into great content will give you a better chance of success and also means you don’t always need totally new ideas.