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How Can I Grow My SEO Organically in 2020?

So it’s a new decade, new you so why not boost your business along the way. It is actually a lot simpler now than it has ever been. That’s right it is simple. There should be be no reason at all that you can’t at least get 15 pieces of content out a day. Is that enough? No but that is the start for you.

No more blind mailing your Mailchimp list because you want to buy something. No more asking why is my traffic sucking on my website. Today is the day you start working to win the respect of your clients new and old. Today is the day you GROW YOUR SITE.

Basically today is the day your excuses end. No more paying some company that has never seen your store front and is sitting in a different time zone to post on Facebook for you. Because let’s be honest they are not adding anything to your following. I can prove it in about 15 min.


So let’s begin shall we.

You need to get a new blog post on your web site at least 3 times a week. Be it a 600-word text post with an image or two. A podcast post with a 600-word description or video post with the same. You need blog posts so you can share them on your social networks.

So it should take about 10 min to type 600 words. And if you are on Twitter, Facebook and Linkden then that is four pieces of content. Just make sure there is a link back to that blog post. You can also schedule out pieces of the blog post to send to people to your website.

What’s that you don’t have time for all of that? So the 10 to 15 min to type the blog post, the 10 seconds on each social site to share the post, and if you are using Hootsuite that is 10 seconds for 3 social sites. Then in Hootsuite you can schedule the tweets and Facebook pieces as well so probably 1 to 2 min. That is 17 min total. Stop commenting on that stupid cat video that you just wasted time watching and do this. It’s a bit more important and you can watch the video later.

Also don’t hymn and ha over your post. Make your content based on helping your clients, do not worry about trolls and the grammar police. They will come but you are not writing for them you are writing for the people putting money in your pockets.



You know that thing in your hand that you use for a watch and flashlight. Well it also does video. And I know you have about 3 min of stuff bouncing around in your head. Record yourself on your phone. No you do not need makeup, No the sound is fine, No I does not matter you’re in your car. Your clients want to hear from you. Tell them about your business, you have a sale, you have a new product, new class, fixed an issue.

Guess what now you have a Facebook post, blog post, Instagram Story, YouTube. And you can cut that up and repurpose that as well.

Now this one will take a bit more time and depending on how long you go on it can be 5 min to 45 min. You are not going to Hollywood tomorrow so production is not to important the message is.

Some of you will need a little extra help on learning on how to get this done. That is fine ask me. There are no stupid questions, stop messing it up and ask me here.


So video is not an option for you because you throw up on camera? Ok that’s fine you can podcast on your phone as well. The easiest way is with an app called Anchor. It is available in the App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for the rest of you.


This app is stupid simple use. It will do the hard work for you of getting your podcast on every podcast platform, sticher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts (you need 3 or 4 Podcast before they will take it) and everything else you can think of.


It emails you when your podcast is on each platform. So that way you can tweet, Facebook Post, Link each platform when they come in.


For the recording, open the app and push the record button when done push the button again, add a title and description and publish.


SIMPLE! So now you have a social post to tell everyone hey new podcast is out, you have an audio post to blog. You have a YouTube video as well.


This should take anywhere from 5 to 30 min to get done. It will take some time to get your feel for this but. You can do this in your car stuck in traffic, sitting on the ferry in your car. Anywhere. And you don’t have to any heavy lifting.


Once again stay on topic of your business. Help your clients, inform your clients.

So there it is, anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours to get more than 15 pieces of content out a day. How much time do you waste a day? More than that. Now you will get people that will try to shit in your puch bowl. Forget about them, trolls will be trolls. Help your clients or your computation will. If you need help or your stuck ask me. Don’t struggle on something, there is no need and I can get you over the hump to get you rolling. And if you do this enough you can do every day and cut your time down.


Let me know below how it’s going for you, and if you started a podcast or YouTube channel share them below. I have no problem pimping people out.