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Time to Use Grammarly

If there was a saving grace to blogging, besides coming up with a topic, would be grammar spelling. If you use WordPress you know that tools inside of here can be troublesome at times. And copying from word to WordPress is like writing the Davinci code in Viking symbols. But since you all use Google Chrome, NO YOU USE GOOGLE CHROME. There is an extension that will make your life as full filling as mine and it’s called Grammarly. If you need help with this tool comment below or ask me here.

Meet Grammarly

Now I know what you are all saying, Eric, your such a wordsmith and there are never any grammar errors or spelling errors.
Well yeah, it’s because I got tired of writing a post and getting emails about my use of a semicolon or colon. And plus I can’t spell my way out of a ducking sinking ship. By the way, Grammarly is trying to make me change that word. Can we all guess my favorite word is?
So back to the tool.
It works like another spell checker but it works inside of your WordPress editing window, Email program, MailChimp, Facebook. Where ever you’re online and posting.
This tool is so helpful for me and everyone I push it on.
Since it can be used on any online app it is truly helpful in making sure that the grammar police have to find another job. Nobody likes being told your comma is in the wrong place.
I do have a good story of redemption with this tool, I have a client that is always up my ass about my grammar and she knows how much joy I get in my cold black heart for her when she corrects me. She recently sent me a doc to copy and paste up on her site for her and Grammarly picked up at least 5 grammar errors. And she was quickly resending me the changes of those errors. I don’t get those often but I jump on it when I can. Just continuing the good fight.

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