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Does Google Read My Text?

I talk about blogging a lot. I will always talk about it as well. Page content is also something you need to take a peek at once in a while. But, today we will go over if Google Reads your Text.

Quick answer, Yes. Dear god yes.

Google Read My Text, Please

So if your site has sitemaps set up correctly and you are submitted to search engines correctly. And you are practicing the best SEO standards then Google will read your text. How? Well, magic duh. Google will see that you are asking it to crawl your site, it will go through your site’s content and look at your keywords for that page and put it in a line for the question that might use your chosen keyword.

I know kind of quick and doesn’t make sense. Let’s try the watered down version.

It’s actually pretty simple really, Google is asked to crawl your site when submitting it via Google Webmaster tools. If you are not using that we so need to talk. If your web designer didn’t do that WE REALLY NEED TO TALK!

Google will look at the site maps and starts following the pages and starts reading the content. Be it shopping cart pages, blog posts or static pages. As it reads your content it keeps in mind of the keyword that you picked for that page.

When it’s done reading that page it will rank your page based on the content of that page to your keyword. Basically, it grades your content on the keyword. Welcome back to school but bigger. Then it will rank your page based on others that are already ranked for that word.

Then it will rank your page based off of the probability of a user asking Google with that keyword.

Google will keep rereading your site to make sure it’s going to answer the question. That is why you will see your site move up in rankings.