Viking Web Productions

Data Recovery Service on Bainbridge Island

Viking Web Productions has been doing a lot of data recovery this month. Be it people getting ready to upgrade their computers, external hard drive decided it would stop working or old laptops decided to give up. I total we did 12 data recoveries. ALL SUCCUSFULL! 

I know just jinxed myself. But the all joking aside these where not expensive fixes and there was no shipping them away to get the data. 

We offer a no data no fee. What does that mean? If we can’t get the data off you don’t pay. Oh, so you charge for the “looking at it fee”. No, we don’t. Because that’s a garbage tactic to get something for nothing.

So what types of data recovery do we offer?

But I don’t want to lose my data that is on there? Perfect. We can take the hard drive out of your old computers and put that on an external hard drive for you. If you have one laying around bring it in. Or we can put the files on a flash drive.

We can even take care of the old computer after wards if you would like. We could always use extra components and pieces.   

My Harddrive just crapped out.

Getting the spinning Beach Ball of death? Bluescreen of Death? A folder with a question mark on startup? Or the all famous no boot drive detected? Don’t panic not all is lost.

There are ways to get you back up and running. We can find the problem with the drive and get everything off or get you back up and running.    

I Am Upgrading My PC/MAC

Perfect time to do that. If you need help choosing what you need just ask. We offer free of charge advice to help you get the best machine for your needs. Be it a Mac or PC we can help transfer everything over to your new machine.

We will also make sure you are comfortable with your new device so there are no troubles down the road.

My External HD isnt reading

This is a common issue. Sometimes it’s the drive sometimes it’s the computer. 

We can test both and either fix the problem or find out what might be causing the issue. Sometimes a flip of a switch. 

Bainbridge Island Data Recovery

We offer a No Data No Fee service. That means if we can’t get the data off of your drive or device you don’t pay. 

Located on Bainbridge Island no need to try to figure out if the boat is on time to walk up those lovely hills in downtown Seattle. 

Either contact us here or drop on in 310 Madison Ave S. #C.