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So, You are telling me you have no time to build your business in 2020?

Well let me tell you a story. This story has no happy ending available, ever, no I mean it. This blog post is going to get heavy so prepare yourself. No I mean it. Really. I am going to try to not make this a pity party or something along those lines. It is what it is.

So some of you know that I am fun loving, active and fairly busy with stuff. I am always willing to be first in line to help you fix any issues web or other and rarely say no. One of my downfalls I guess but it never bothered me anyway.

So 15 years ago I was coaching Pee Wee Football and Youth Wrestling. I loved doing that I do miss it at times and times I remember some of the parents and glad that I only did for 5 years.

Now it was either in football or wrestling that I got nailed multiple times in the baby maker. Or the Groin if you want to stay serious. During this time I was also dealing with kidney stones. Great combination to have at the same time.

This gave me a stricture in my urethra, for some of you that would be my pee tube. And every 2 years I would go into have it opened up. During those times it would send me into some dark times because wearing a catheter for up to 2 months at a time makes you not so happy. But at the time there was no real fix for it for someone my age. At the time there was a stint like the one that goes into a heart to sort of fix it. But I was told I was too young for that. Since it is not a very fun time and I would be going through more extensive surgery to fix it once the stint fails.

So fast forward to October of 2019, was starting to have issues and I knew what that meant. Time for the OR and trying to brace myself of another 2 months of peeing on my ankle. So my insurance company was having an issue that I was not at the two year mark yet. So we went back and forth with them for a couple of weeks.

Then my Urologist was putting feelers out to another Urologist at Virginia Mason that was having great success with a new type of surgery to fix this once and for all. Of course I jumped on it.

So the Monday before Thanksgiving I met him for the first time. He got me some tests to do that day and on the same day he asked me how I would feel to have a 92% chance of not having to see another Urologist for 20 years and an 8% chance of not seeing in 15 years? This brought tears to my eyes and I asked if Tuesday would work for him. Yes, I was going to give up Thanksgiving for this. Of course, that is not how it works, but we got scheduled for Dec. 30. Leading up to that day I was not doing good. It was taking a huge toll on me mentally and psychically. I will not bore you with the details but when you cant pee right it sucks bad and quickly.

The Big Day

Could barley sleep, plus watched the piss pour Seahawk game against the f@#$ing whiners. Left the house at 1:45am to go to Seattle and be there by 5:45am. Get there and was told they would hold me the night. That was news to me.

So the surgery involved 3 cuts, one was going to be in the spot between my boy parts and the #2 spot, then into my pee tube to put in a graph from my cheek in place of the scar tissue. Ok what ever lets get it done. So off to sleepy town I go.

Everything went great. My pain was, I can put this, I f#$#ing hurt, face, butt and the main area on any guy. The first time I saw what everything looked like I almost cryed. I was not black and blue, I was purple. And damn did it hurt. Couldn’t sit, Couldn’t open my mouth. Just laying in my bed peeing into a bag.

So clear diet and me where not talking well, since I wanted FOOD. Oh man I could have killed for chicken wings. That is always my go to after surgery. I don’t know why but I crave those so bad after surgery. I know I am different.

So sleeping wasn’t a problem thanks meds, but I was always waking up.

Tuesday morning showed up, was awake around 5am and getting ready for beef broth and a popsicle with black coffee for breakfast. MMMMM MMMM. So shift change around 7 and I wanted to get up and walk at that time. I had to wait due to shift change. Ok no big deal.

Around 8am I was laying there not really in pain and watching some stupid show.

Then it happened.

It hit out of nowhere, it felt like my heart was going to blast out of my chest. I started sweating bad and my chest started to hurt. It did not radiate to anywhere else. Just in the middle of my chest. I gave it about a min to do some self-calming and trying to figure out wtf was going on. Then I couldn’t deal with it, woke my girlfriend in the chair next to my bed because I couldn’t reach the button. She pushed it and threw the call button at me.

The nurse comes in and tell her whats going on, that is like screaming fire in a movie theather by the way, when you tell a nurse your heart is coming out of your chest like aliens you get a bunch of people around you in a second.

They strapped me up to the bp machine and had the EKG machine running in no time flat. And had someone pulling blood out of me like a vampire. My BP was high like real high, EKG was good and my bloodwork came back fine.

So down to the echo lab. Got all gooped up and the wand went flying around. By this time everything was calming down and was feeling ok. Went back up stairs and the Cardio Dr was following me into my room. Went through the story again and he said there was no heart attack but they want me to do a stress test anyway next week. Sure can I eat some food now and go home?

They sent me home spent 3 days down. Went to work for a bit on the first Friday of the year and a bit on Saturday all was good.

Started my normal schedule on Monday a bit slow and tender but felt good.

January 7, 2020

Woke up and went to work like normal. Knowing I had to leave at Noon to catch the Ferry to be on time. So got to Virginia Mason about 5 min before I was supposed to be there. Found the floor and spot I was supposed to be and was ushered back pretty quickly. We talked about the stress test and the process of going through everything that would go on.

Ok, was going to be the put the test on my walking but I was pretty sure I could do it. So first was an Echo again. But this time they shaved my chest and strapped me up to the EKG. So here I am all strapped up, looking like a coyote with mange and gel all over me again. So everyone steps out for a moment and they all came back in about 4 min later and tell me no stress test for me.

You mother….. you shaved me for nothing. We all had a laugh as I mentioned I spent 43 years grooming that since it was the only hair that was constant and growing. So back to the waiting room. This is when I knew something was wrong. Did I have a heart attack? Now? Or in the past? My mother had heart attacks when I was in high school and the back side of her heart was dead. Then most of you know she had a stroke and fought like a champ for a year until she finally gave in and passed. Her last few words to me was to make sure I was shaved and Cathed. It was two years to late but sitting in the waiting room all I could hear was her laughing and saying that’s cool.

Then I was told they were swapping the schedule around and I being pushed back if that was ok. Sure, no problem I am not going anywhere. So, I sat down, slightly taking notice that I have no pain for the first time in a week. Uh Oh! Here comes the thinking. So, I sat there trying not panic and doing a puzzle. As my phone is going off about Iran. Could care less because I am walking down a tunnel and that light is not outside it is a train and it’s blowing its whistle.

During my potty dr visits I was always pissed that I was always the youngest one in the waiting room. I was so excited that I would not have to deal with that anymore. So, sitting there doing the puzzle I was accompanied by a few older women waiting for their older husbands. DAMN IT. Youngest one AGAIN!!

So around 5 I was the only one left in the waiting room and it was finally my turn. Walking down the hall towards the room talking to the nurse about my surgery and how happy I was to get it done. So get the paper work done and the first person in was the main Dr. resident. He starts off asking about family history, I tell him about my parents and he was not looking for that. He asked me if anyone died suddenly from any heat issues other than heart attack. UUuuuuummmm no, just heart attacks that I know of. Ok let me get the Dr.

What in the Hell? Ok this is not good, do you hear that horn its so loud.

So the Dr. comes in caring a box of Kleenex, the resident looking like someone just shot his dog and the nurse with a cup of water. The Kleenex and water are set down in front of me. Now, I got the well fuck feeling and my heart sank. This is so not fucking good.

So the Dr. asked once again if anyone in my family has died suddenly from any heart issue. I said no again. He then askes if I have ever heard of HCM, god damn that horn is like next to my head, I said it does sound familiar because my friends son was tested before he could play sports.

He said ok good. Then starts explaining what it is and is showing me on the model of the heart.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy or HCM is a disease in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick. The thickened heart muscle can make it harder for the heart to pump blood. Then starts talking about both of my Echo’s and pointing to the left ventercal of the model and saying that this part of my heart is enlarged. Which is also thickening the chamber wall under that. And if that gets worked up enough that will block the out valve of my heart and trap the blood in my heart. And that will be it.

Any Questions?

Fix it.

We need to watch it for a month first. And get you on beta blockers. But as we sit here there is no fix for this.


It’s genetic.

FUCK!!! (grabs Kleenex) here it comes.

I just got something fixed that has limited me for 15 fucking years and now this. Are you fucking kidding me.

I am sorry but there is some things that you will have to change to keep going. I strongly suggest yoga.

This is where I am going to stop the story because well, there are lots of everyday things that I do that I can’t do anymore. And if I do something wrong…………………….. well that’s it. Lights out.

So I have started telling my family and friends about this. There has been lots of emotions in the last what 12 hours or so of me writing this post. It’s a different feeling to know what is going to take you out of this world just not knowing the time or how much you got left.

That is what I am struggling with choking it down. That is a mother of all fuckers there.

How Does This Build My Business?

So then it dawned on me. I can use this and leave a mark of good. Help people. You know good things I really, WE ALL should have been doing a long time ago.

So I get asked a lot of business questions on the daily about websites, tech stuff and so on. The one about websites that really pisses me off.

Why Is My Traffic going down on my website?

And I tell them to start blogging. Because you need content on your site that is new and fresh and you need to keep doing that so you can use that to bring people into your site from social networks. Use your blogs to Market to people.

The response is always, I don’t have time for that or I am too busy to do that, just fix it.

Did you just read what I wrote, your excuse is bullshit and you can stick it! I don’t have time to waste on that any more.

So, Starting Tomorrow

I am going to start a series on my website and All Media about how to get off your ass and get content on your site. It will cover blog posts, podcasts, video and graphics. Everything that you need to start promoting your business to get constant money and grow or to slow down a bit if need be. I will do it in a way that the simplest of minds can understand.

dMy tone is going to change, a lot, because I don’t have time to fuck around. And either do you. I can get you growing, and you will do the work. If you don’t want to do it, well, then bye bye. Turn your site off and get a 9-5 at taco time. I am not wasting time on you anymore.

I am not going to sit down and feel sorry for myself, won’t fix or accomplish anything. Will I slip and have a pitty party at times? Wont doubt it. But I have things I can and really want to do before I go. And if you want to join me and make some money then let’s get started.

So, there it is all out there for everyone to see. Comments, Questions, Good Thoughts, leave them below, put them on my Facebook, Google My Business. If you are needing help with anything from iPhone Repair to website help, hit me up here or call and lets get things going.

Also, last night while driving home, alone and this popped in my head and I got really excited through the tears I came up with a catch phrase, Now Go Out There and Make It A Good Day.

What do you think? It’s not like it can’t be said more often than not, right?