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MACBOOK Keyboard Repair

13″ MacBook Pro (A1278) – $200.00

15″ MacBook Pro (A1286) – $200.00

13″ Retina MacBook Pro (A1398) – $249.00

15″ Retina MacBook Pro (A1425, A1502) – $249.00

11″ MacBook Air (A1370, A1465) – $225.00

13″ MacBook Air (A1369, A1466) – $225.00

Has your MacBook keyboard stopped responding? The keyboard is one of the most heavily used components on you computer, and can often malfunction. Keyboard damage presents itself in a few different ways. Sometimes only a few keys will go at a time; other times, the entire keyboard will stop working. This sort of damage most often occurs after a liquid spill, but it is fixable in most cases.

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