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iPhone Water Damage

If your iPhone is fixable, the rate would depend on what components need to be replaced. Once we figure what components need to be replaced, we reach out to the client to confirm the rate prior to doing any repairs. If you do not wish to move forward with the repair, no problem. Your device would be reassembled.

Typical turnaround for liquid damaged devices is one business day. If you are interested, feel free to drop by anytime during our business hours – we are a walk-in service!

iPhone fell in the toilet? Gross. But we can help! The key to fixing liquid damage on iPhones and electronics in general, is time. The quicker you can get your iPhone to us, the better chances we have to revive it completely. Once water has a chance to dry, all the impurities that were left in the water are now eating away at the sensitive microchips on your motherboard. Forget the rice, and get your device to us as soon as possible!

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