Viking Web Productions

About Viking Web Productions

Welcome to Viking Web Productions. We are located on Bainbridge Island. You can come visit us at 310 Madison Ave South. We are open from 9-5 Monday through Friday. We are also open some weekends just ask and we can work something out on weekend appointments. 

Viking Web Productions takes care of everything from Websites to Phone Repair. 

How Viking Web Productions All Started

Viking Web Productions started about 20 years ago. No, I did not have hair then either. And yes, that makes me old.

I started working on web sites for people trying to start business online. Then I moved to Oregon to continue my website journey and also working with a tech support firm.

I was doing tech support with company that may have a program that helps you edit photos or create PDF’s. No Mac users the real way.
Then They moved it all across the pond and lost my job. Then I got put in with a computer tech support that may or may not be nicknamed Happy Problems. Where my job was to help troubleshoot and walk people through repairs of their computers. And if all else fails then they send it in to get fixed. I hope you are all sitting down and spoiler alert, it rarely fixed them. But the best part once you were angry enough and being told your brand-new computer needed to be shipped in for 2 weeks. I had to upsell you on something. Either printer ink or a service plan that still wouldn’t cover the cost of the issue.

The first 30 days of that job I didn’t have to worry about that too much. After that I was warned after 2 weeks that I needed to upsell people. At the 30-day mark was my first write up because I refused to upsell people that where pissed.
Then on my 60-day review and my second write up. I was told my fix rate was 85%, best on the floor. My Upsell rate was 0.2%. I am guessing my response was a precursor for the manager to smile as she told me that I was fired.

As security was taking me out, relax it wasn’t my Viking coming out, it was protocol. The manager stopped me and said that she was going to make sure that my tech support career was over. I said good because I would rather help people then F&#$ them over like you do on a regular basis.

As the dumb look on the managers face went to anger. I just continued my walk out I gave the one finger wave. Yes I know I needed to grow up but hey I got a bit of Viking in me what can I say. 

My Mission

So, with that journey behind me, I started on this path. A path of helping anyone that comes to me with any technical issue.

So, I began doing it. And 18 years later here I am. Helping people meet their goals on Websites to helping someone email a picture off of their phone.

There is no such thing as a stupid question, if you don’t know the only way to know is to ask someone that does. I don’t care what question you have I will always find a way to help you. Even if I am not equipped to do it, I find the solution for you.

I actually care about customer service and will always make sure your issue is fixed.

Be it the big box store not fixing your 7-year-old computer because they say it’s too old to saving data off of an iPhone that Apple won’t help you with. I make sure there is a fix. I always get the job done. There is always a solution you just have to care about your service and care about the customer. 

So give me a call and lets fix your problem.