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10 ways to boost your sites SEO with Link Building

Besides creating relevant strong content that is correctly key worded to help rank better. Link Building is going to be one of the other keys to rank faster and better.

Having links from other sites pointing your site will make or break your site. Link Building is crucial for any site. High quality sites linking to your site will boost your site quick. Just as quick bad link practices or links from garbage sites will sink your site just as fast.

So lets find out which sites are best for growing your link building.

Link Building Sites

  1. Internal Links – Yep. Your site is going to be the first and foremost site to grow your link building. Using a most relevant posts for blog posts and related items for your shopping pages are considered links.
  2. Social Media Profile Links – You better be linking to your site via your social media profiles. If not, HOLY CRAP FIX THAT.
  3. Social Media Posts – Are you trying to make me mad? If you make a post on any social site link back to your site. YOU DON’T MAKE MONEY ON SOCIAL SITES. Get them to your site to make money. Come on.
  4. Google My Business – Ok so looks like you don’t like free stuff if you are not doing this. It’s simple link your website to your Profile. And once again link the posts to your site.
  5. Podcasts – That’s right you can have a link from podcast platforms to your site. If you get interviewed have them link to your site. Or Start your own and do the same.
  6. Guest Blogging Links – Find a news blog for your industry and pitch a solid, well written post.
  7. Local Directories – You have a small store front, these can help you. So Yelp, Bing are a good start. For Yelp just claim your business and forget about it.
  8. Industry Directories – These are problematic and can be spammy. But if you find some good ones it will help.
  9. LinkedIn Company Directory – Create a company page and get your URL on the page. And once again link to your site in the posts.
  10. Links from Email – Newsletters. Everyone has a list and if you are not linking to your website from here. I don’t think I want to say what I want to say.

There are plenty of ways to build links, but there are easy ones that take minutes to do. And I bet half of everyone reading this or listening to the podcast episode have not done. I know there are so many times that I say link to your site from social posts it’s because you don’t. No you don’t, even if I tell you to do so and point it out to you. You still don’t do that.

It is a crucial and easy to do link building tactic and you still don’t do it. I will keep telling you to do it until everyone starts to do it constantly.

So now if you need help on how to do this or you need more places to do this contact me here and we can go over where you can grow your links that will best fit your business.

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