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10 Important 2019 Seo Trends

Today we are going to start small and simple and talk about the 10 most important 2019 SEO Trends. We will go over the trends and how to accomplish them.

Don’t panic you do not to be a computer scientist to understand these. And you can always email me here for questions. There are no stupid questions so ask away.

1. Time To Understand Your Audience

In 2019 SEO Trends are pretty easy to understand to best suit your audience. Be it text, images or video. Your audience will respond better to one of these avenues.

Depending on your site your audience may prefer text. But on Social networks, they prefer video or images.

Perfect, easy way to this is to write a blog post and record yourself summarizing it on your smartphone and upload it to Facebook and Instagram .

Take a picture of your store or project and put it up there. Either way, it won’t take long to figure out which avenue works. And if blogging in text form doesn’t work then vlog it. That’s video blogging for the ones not in the know.

2. There Is More Than Google Search

So besides Google, there is Bing and still Yahoo. Some people still use Yahoo, I know it pains me as well. But, still, have to make sure you are showing it up there.

Bing has a webmaster tool that you should get used to working with as well.

Don’t forget YouTube. Besides Google and Bing, Youtube is a growing search engine.
As I like to say YouTube university will help you learn to do everything from tieing your shoes to rebuilding your car engine. I know so cool.

3. Structured Data. USE IT!

Structured Data is key in helping Google crawl your site and place it where it will help answer it’s users questions.

So let’s say you are a local business with a storefront, a local business Schema (Structured Data) in the header of your site will tell Google about your business without having to search your site for the information to place you.

Now, I know your sweating bullets at the moment, relax there is a tool that does it all for you. Well except place it on your site. You can find the Structured Data tool here.

Once that is done you need to put that in the header of your site before you see this tag /head. In WordPress, you go to Appearance > Editor and Find Theme Header in the right pane and click on it. Find the /head and right above that paste in the code and click the update button. Bam you are done.

Hey, guess what you are on your way to winnging 2019 SEO Trends.

4. Content, Content, MORE CONTENT!

Content will always be king. In 2019 it is no different.

With content you can answer your customer’s questions, tell your audience about new products, whichever it may be get them interested to keep them on the page.

Your content needs to be top of the line to keep above your competition and to stay in the good standing of Google.

It needs to be engaging, keep your customers on your page be it on Facebook, Instagram to your blog. Good content often is key in 2019.

5. What’s Your Trustworthiness?

It’s time to show your expertise. Your customers want to know answers for what your selling.

Google and Bing are looking for 3 keys to your content. Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness this is how you get noticed by them.

The only way to do this is to win at the content game on blog and social networks.

6. Invest In 2019 SEO Trends

No not money, well if you are doing it on your own, cause that won’t get you anyway except a penalty on Google.

You need to think about the speed of your site. Resize your images and keep them SMALL. You do not need huge images on your site. And one slideshow on a page will do. Most of your visitors will more than likely be looking at your site on their phone.

Make sure you have a Progress Web App plugin on your site. This will help your site live on the Mobile world.

JavaScript is a site killer. Keep this at a minimum and make sure it’s minimized whenever possible. There are plugins to help with this.

7. On-page Optimization

This one is probably one of the most important 2019 SEO Trends and probably the simplest to do.

Make sure your content answers users questions. I know you heard it before so I guess do it. Simple.

Do not talk at your users, do you like it when it happens to you? So why do it to your users? Talk to them, help them, make them part of your family. Well, except Uncle Bob, I mean do I need to go further.

Make your site stupid simple to navigate. Users and Google both hate hard sites to navigate.

8. Optimization for Voice Search

You know that fancy little talking bot on your kitchen counter that my 4-year-old niece screams at to tell her what time it is? Yeah, your phone has the same feature.

You need to make your site ready for voice search. Remember that structured data aspect. That is one quick fix.

9. Machine Learning

Yes the machine’s are learning. Just like that Boston Dynamics robot that can run, jump and lift things that a human can’t.

I KNOW! THAT THING IS SCARY! All I can say is skynet is real people.

Anyway back to reality, Google is always learning, like how it finishes your typing for you. Every time you search for something and click a listing it learns and makes adjustments.

So trying to keep an eye on what your content is showing up for will help your SEO game in the future.

10. Featured Snippets

Getting your Google knowledge graph all correct is a huge 2019 SEO Trends must do.

Getting your Google My Business section setup is so important and most people don’t do it.

Keep watching my blog as I am going to be doing a tutorial on how to get this done.